Resistant AI, Claim Technology partner to stop fraudulent insurance claims

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Resistant AI, Claim Technology partner to stop fraudulent insurance claims

Resistant AI will deploy its AI-powered anti-fraud technology into Claim Technology to help it protect against fraudulent insurance claims.

12 Gaslighting Phrases Abusive People Use To Control You

Here some of the most common gaslighting phrases abusive people use to control you. Gaslighting is a type of emotional abuse in which a person uses manipulation and distraction to distort the truth and get you to doubt your own reality. Due to its insidious nature, gaslighting tactics can be hard to recognize and cope with. You can be gaslighted by someone without even realizing it.

Gaslighting in relationships is an extremely toxic and dangerous form of emotional manipulation. So it’s important to familiarize yourself with the most common gaslighting phrases narcissists, psychopaths, and sociopaths use to manipulate you.

Toxic people can ruin your life. So if you recognize the signs of a toxic relationship, it’s best to get out of it as soon as possible.


Why You NEVER Win With A Narcissist:

7 Reasons Why You Attract TOXIC People:

14 Toxic Habits That Are Hurting Your Relationships:


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Insurance Claims Fraud

According to FBI estimates, insurance fraud accounts for more than 10% of the property/casualty incurred losses and loss adjustment expenses every year. That is nearly $34 billion. However, with inter-team collaboration and data analysis, avoiding claims crises is an achievable goal.

In our September 9th webinar, our resident Special Investigation Unit (SIU) experts – David Borum and Geoff Branch – and J. Michael Skiba, Dr. Fraud™, discussed the process, the technology and the trends in mitigating insurance claims fraud. Listen to the recording below and contact us with any questions.

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Claims and Next-Generation Set Up for Anti-Fraud Using

I discussed the claims transformation and the next generation of anti-fraud set up using Agile AI with Zehra Cataltepe – Cofounder & CEO of and Taylor Smith – President of Suite 200 Solutions.

==== Topics discussed in this video interview ====
– Insurance transformation insights
– Insights about technology and Claims
– Technological transformation during / post – pandemic
– Results of two survey with Claims Officers
– Fraud Problem & Challenges in Fraud Detection
– Solutions through Agile AI

This interview is part of The Future of Insurance, a LinkedIn Newsletter Series to give updates on technology, customer & employee experience, future of insurance and industry trends.

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Taylor Smith on LinkedIn:

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Fraud Detection: Fighting Financial Crime with Machine Learning

Everyone is exposed to financial fraud. If you’re selling or buying something online, providing financial services, or simply processing tons of payments, you face fraud risks every day. For businesses, scams are especially scary, because you’re not only losing money but also customers who may no longer trust you.

There are two approaches to detecting fraud. And today we will talk about them, the most common one – using of rules and the more effective one – machine learning

0:00 Intro about travel reports in banks.
1:16 Two approaches to catching fraud
2:06 Rule-based fraud detection
4:17 How machine learning accelerates fraud detection
4:56 Step 1 – Understanding what is normal
7:00 Step 2 – Finding anomalies
8:40 Step 3 – Eliminating mistakes
9:25 Deep neural networks
10:00 Why does fraud still happen?

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