Global WealthTech deal activity on track to set new annual record despite FinTech funding slowdown

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Global WealthTech deal activity on track to set new annual record despite FinTech funding slowdown

Global WealthTech deal activity is projected to have a record breaking year, reaching 908 deals in 2022

Energy Insecurity: Global Impact

If you were to ask investors to name the biggest headwinds facing the markets, higher inflation and interest rates and their potentially negative impact on corporate earnings would top the list. Just about everyone on Wall Street agrees we are in a new era of higher levels of both. But this week’s guest believes there is another area that poses even greater challenges to the global economy and markets: energy.

Energy is under enormous pressure on numerous fronts: geopolitical, production, distribution, and financing. It’s a combination creating a new era of energy insecurity. Our guest is Tom Petrie, a long-time thought leader in the oil and gas industry. Since 2012 he has been Chairman of Petrie Partners, an influential investment banking and consulting boutique to the industry.

What is happening with U.S. energy independence? After decades of decline, U.S. oil production picked up significantly in the last decade and a half, largely thanks to the shale oil revolution, to the point where it surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia’s output to become the world’s largest oil producer. Despite that achievement, Petrie says the U.S. and the rest of the world are now approaching a possible energy crisis caused by a number of factors. One of the biggest: some new geopolitical realities, what he calls geopolitical fragility. We will discuss them at length as well as why he believes the current elevated levels of oil prices are unsustainable and why the outperformance of traditional energy stocks is as well!

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WEALTHTRACK #1846 broadcast on May 13, 2022
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Bookshelf: Following Oil: Four Decades of Cycle-Testing Experiences and What They Foretell about U.S. Energy Independence

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PWM Wealth Tech Summit 2022 – Wealth The tech scaleup and working alongside new disruptive brands

As automated investing infiltrates the investment landscape, the wave of disruption is leaving behind ‘traditional’ ways of functioning and incorporating new wealth-generating assets. Investors are looking for that ‘netflix style’ experience with a hyper-personalised and round the clock service of which the emerging wealth techs are capitalising on. The power of emerging technology is having a transformative impact on the wealth management space and the scale up of start ups has the potential to leave legacy operations in its wake.

How can long-established and conventional wealth managers take part in the seismic shift taking place in the way that investors manage their money? What can be learned from the wealthtech frontrunners and how can firms effectively work alongside them? How can the wealth management system of today make sure that they are keeping pace with the disruptors of tomorrow?

Global WealthTech Summit 2019: Ecosystem Play To Democratize Wealth Management

Predicting the future is difficult, so preparing for the journey is essential:
• How is a new and empowered wealth generation shaping the future of wealth management?
• Why are client engagement models changing in wealth management and how can wealth managers make use of digital technology to adapt?
• Have open ecosystem plays now become the de-facto route to innovation for wealth managers?

Martin Greweldinger, Group Chief Product Officer, Avaloq

Wealth Initiative -Douglas Azar , WealthTech Startup Pitch

Executive summary
Non-Bankable Assets on the Blockchain

Wealthinitiatve offers a complete solution
for non-bankable assets with thefollowing specifics:

Digitization of assets on the Blockchain for provenance and traceability purposes : The whole history of the as- set will be known, verified and secured in real time. Easily shared with business partners, family members or service providers
Automated valuation system using machine learning and big data giving a true value of your non-bankable as- sets at any time anywhere. It allows asset consolidation and an improved portfolio analysis/understanding. Lack of quality deal flow and fragmented market.
Second generation marketplace using the Blockchain technology whereassets could be tokenized, offering limitless opportunity for asset owners and investors in terms of equity and debt trading.

Non-bankable assets are often left out of the wealth strategy of asset owners. Their value is not immediately accessible and the history and documentation related to the assets in scarce, are in various places and formats. Moreover, the lack of liquidity greatly impacts transaction costs.
Wealthinitiative digitizes non-bankable asset to store them on the blockchain using the Ethereum technology. We have been working on the most reliable oracle available (link between the blockchain and physical assets). We then securitize the assets on the platform to allow asset owners to unlock the value of their assets while allowing investors to invest in a fractional ownership.
The blockchain is the first decentralized trustable database, which can track the ownership of properties in a reliable way and enable securitization of these same assets

Wealth management institutons are in need of new growth drivers.

To remain competitive, wealth management institutons need to seize new opportunites to strengthen the loyalty of their clients and increase their own revenues.

Market moves towards new investments areas: Real Estate, Art, Passion investments and Business Deals

In this field, HNWIs face numerous challenges: costly intermediaries, lack of confiden9ality and 9me consuming workload to make transac9ons efficient.

Thus, those transac9ons are made outside the wealth management institutons sphere.

HNWIs are leK stranded and the wealth management ins9tu9ons miss great business opportuni9es.

WealthInitiative is the wealth managers’ secured platform designed to facilitate transactions in Real Estate, Art, Passion investments and Business Deals on behalf of their clients. By matching supply and demand within its client base, Wealth Management institutions foster synergies.
“WealthInitiatve aspires to redefine the value proposition
of wealth management ins9tu9ons in the high growing and strategic areas of Real Estate, Art, Passion Investments
and Business Deals ”

WealthInitiative AG
Storchengasse 17, 8001 Zurich, SWITZERLAND
[email protected]

Below is my bio as well as the social media channels:
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“Douglas Azar has 14 years’ experience in Banking in various locations (U.S.A, Middle East, Switzerland) including 8 years in Private Banking focusing on investment advisory. He also has extensive knowledge in “art investment” and wrote articles in newspapers on the subject. He is also a blockchain enthusiast. He graduated from Audencia business school in France and also has a Master in business law form Assas University in Paris. He is a CAIA charter holder.”

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