Gen Z turns to TikTok for financial advice

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Gen Z turns to TikTok for financial advice

Young Brits are turning to TikTok for financial information, with many of them believing that influencers on the app provide better advice than traditional media.

An Open Letter To Gen Z

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Chelsea gives her best advice to gen Z, from not buying into the myth of hustle culture to how to intelligently navigate your online life.

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Gen Z Looks To Youtube and TikTok For Financial Guidance

Tune in to hear me go over an article that explains why the Gen Z generation ops to use TikTok and Youtube for financial guidance. Uploads Monday and Wednesday, make sure to SUBSCRIBE!


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BEWARE Of This Bad TikTok Money Advice [Financial Planner Reacts]

I don’t like making people feel bad … BUT, TikTok influencers are getting out of hand with the information they are pushing when it comes to money and retirement.

In this video, I react to some TikTok money advice, and explain WHY it could destroy your finances.


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Millennials, Gen Z turn to TikTok for financial advice

With more than 100 million monthly users in the United States alone, the social media app TikTok proves to be a never-ending rabbit hole of 15-second videos. Videos that, if nothing else, proved during the worst of the pandemic that most of us just can’t dance.

But before you dismiss an entire generation of kids — Moji Igun of Seattle is about to make a bold claim.

“I was able to leave my job and start a business without having any financial stress – I was prepared, set up and ready to go. It was an easy switch,” Igun said.

Igun said that social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram introduced her to personal finance in a new way. Bite-sized content that, for the first time, made the lessons stick.

More: https://www.king5.com/article/tech/millennials-gen-z-turn-to-tiktok-for-financial-advice/281-9fad78b1-74c9-4121-9df1-d60cad76bb58