Cloud adoption will allow insurance to improve business outcomes

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Cloud adoption will allow insurance to improve business outcomes

Smart Communications believes cloud adoption will help insurance companies be agile and improve business outcomes

Building Scalable Migration Practices for Enterprise Applications (Level 200)

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In this session, we discuss how partners can build scalable migration practices with AWS. We share how to discover, group, prioritize, and strategize application for migration. We also cover processes, tools, and best practices for partners to help customers accelerate the planning phase of their cloud adoption journey.

Speaker: Ahilan Thiagarajah, Partner Solution Architect, Amazon Web Services

Webinar Series – Cloud Adoption: Common Pitfalls and How to Prepare

We were joined by Betty Rhiger, #Microsoft Canada’s One Commercial Partner CTO, who provided insights into:

-#Digital #transformation drivers that see the most ROI.
-How to decide which migration strategy to adopt.
-Skilling, reskilling, and retaining your technical team.
-Responding to a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic.

AI & Cloud Adoption in the Insurance Industry: Breaking Through the Barriers

The role of AI in insurance is evolving rapidly as it gives carriers access to models that are constantly learning and adapting to new customer expectations and changing market demands.

One of those demands relates to the explosive growth of data from connected consumer devices which can be used to mitigate risks and provide preventive recommendations. It has created a need for near real-time personalized claims processing. To gain sophisticated insights into a range of risks and opportunities, insurers will need to leverage AI-driven workflows.

Learn more about how AI and cloud-backed solutions can help you transform the customer journey of buying a policy or filing a claim into a fast, simple, and satisfying experience. Our panelists will share in detail:

– How to ease claims processing and reimagine distribution, underwriting, and pricing with AI-based models
– How to avoid potential loss with risk monitoring, prevention, and mitigation focused solutions
– How cloud can empower your organization to capture a 360 customer view

Cloud Adoption: It Takes a Village

Cloud adoption is more than an IT transformation; it’s an organizational transformation. It requires broad stakeholder engagement, a change in mindset, and an organization-wide culture shift. This session will introduce the Cloud Adoption Framework, which identifies key stakeholders, explains their motivations and concerns, and addresses blockers that could slow or stall cloud adoption. It will also introduce workshops to engage and excite stakeholders, and help you build your village.

Shirley Ivan, Sr. Cloud Advisory Consultant, AWS